Friday, November 4, 2016


He is as quick as a serpent.
He is as slow as a snail.
Painful as a brush of thorns.
Painless as a feather's touch.
Catched unaware and found real slow.
A suffering man may welcome him,
While a woman with a perfect life may not.
He is a friend to some,
And an enemy to all.
Others embrace like an old friend,
While you may recoil from his touch.
He visits us every day,
Some more than others;
A fleeting glimpse of what he is like.
Children, parents, boys, girls, young and old;
Some who take the journey come back.
Others do not.
Those who take that journey across;
He is their escort.
He helps so many every day.
I hope to embrace him like a friend.
To take me from a cruel world's grasp.
Some may fear him,
But he relieves us of our pains and worries.
He takes much away,
But we gain so much more.
Friends and families wait with open arms,

And I hope to embrace them.

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